Jeudi 02 juin 2011

C Lo 6 ball cap over Messi

The early hours yesterday, the Primera Liga, Real Madrid 4-0 home victory NFL Hats   over Getafe, C Lo hat-trick in the championship beyond the striker Lionel Messi 6 balls.

After the last round played Da Sixi, C Luo to become La Liga history as the first two years in a natural staged Da Sixi player. The current round of C Lo hat-trick again, he became the Di Stefano has been since 1958, the first hat-trick of consecutive two Real Madrid players. C Lo has Real Madrid in the Primera Liga hat-trick in the 7th, two season he tied Hugo Sanchez and the Paine number of Mourinho's hat-trick, and now trailing only Al-generation (8), Phillips Cash (12) and Di Stefano (22).

Now, C Luo in the league has as many as 37 goals from two legendary striker Hugo Sanchez (1989-90 season) and Sarah (1950-51 season) jointly maintain the single-season ball into the 38 Record has been very near. After the match C Lo pleasure to accept the interview, "Yes, I was top scorer for efforts to win the league, but did not have to record is not. "C Luo said.
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Mercredi 01 juin 2011

Goalkeeper scoring a hat-trick

May 15 afternoon, the rest day of the Hunan Xiang Xiang Tao Tao BES pit team and the team's fans for a Tournament. In this entertaining Fox Hats game, Xiang Dong Jianhong Tao goalkeeper scored a hat-trick in the game played.

Hunan Xiang Tao Football Club since its establishment, the club has been very focused on the interaction with the fans. From time to time organize some interactive activities with the fans. Swearing in front of some of the season, the press conference will invite fans to join and play football from time to time with the fans. Last season, coach Xiang Tao Group and some of the players to play with some fans, a Five-man football.

Xiang Tao original team on May 14 will go away to Beijing Institute of Technology team, but because the game is adjusted to July, the fans get a rare opportunity to distance with the team. The game with the fans at the soccer field in Hunan Vocational College of Sports conducted Xiang Tao, this site is the usual team training ground. First half of the game is 9 VS9 people. In order to balance the strength of two teams, players and fans mixed team competition. The Tao Xiang position players in the game also had Qian Kun Da Nuo - 3 goalkeeper did not stand in front of the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper Dong Jianhong Li Jiankun as the two teams were forward, goalkeeper Deng Zihao one in Li Jiankun team's defense. The players usually play midfield into a goalkeeper, kick forward into a defender.

In the first half of the game, the best is the goalkeeper Dong Jianhong, usually in the game can only accept the test of his opponents shot very active up front, poured on the first half hat-trick, prompting the bench fans shouted "change for Dong Dong."

The second half, coach Zhang Xu Xiang Tao, also go into battle to play in midfield. Competition to become a real fans player VS. But in numbers, fans of 12 teams playing, the game is also more than the regular 1; and Xiang Tao Ensemble is a eight players plus coach Zhang Xu, a total of 9 people meet the challenge. Even if an advantage of numbers, the fans NFL Hats team players in the professional front Xiang Tao, or no favors. However, in such a fun game, the outcome is not important, the fans and players had a good time fun, this is the most important.
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Mardi 31 mai 2011

The cat in the hat comes back

The offstage ball has cooled and MCD says it has been paid in full, but new era caps the ball that is Prince looks absurd anytime to stop. As the accompanist gets earlier – he turns 53 next ages – he seems to be accepting even added aberrant and irascible. Agreeable ability is rarely accompanied by annihilation abutting course (see Brian Wilson and Michael Jackson), and Prince as a getting is as aberrant as his work.

The endure all-embracing adventures assured that his activity had become “so abundant anxious with rumour, counter-rumour, anxiously confected legend, fallings out, gagging clauses and apparent nonsense” that it was difficult to abstracted the accuracy from the myth. But that is accomplishments detail to the abounding critics and admirers who put him beside John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown in agreement of artistic afflatus and abiding influence. Catch him on a acceptable night and his achievement will adventure you to your core.

In agreement of enigma, able animality and artistic oscillation, however, he’s accepted as the “black Bob Dylan”. Sometimes he refers to his ancestor as getting atramentous and his mother as Italian. At added times they are both black, or one of them is Native American. We apperceive he was built-in in Minneapolis in 1958 and was called afterwards the Prince Rogers Trio, a applesauce accumulation in which his father, John Nelson, played.

Prince aboriginal went on the alley age-old five, if his ancestor took him on bout with his bandage afterwards divorcing Prince’s mother, a DC Hats applesauce accompanist called Mattie Shaw. Prince accomplished an epiphany at 10 if he aboriginal saw James Brown in concert, and his assuming still owes abundant to what he saw that night. A adolescent prodigy, he is said to accept baffled abundant agreeable instruments afore his boyish years were out.
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Lundi 30 mai 2011

Hat good scenery on the popular head

 Nick Clegg British Deputy Prime Minister's wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez LB HatsSpanish beauty of the day was undoubtedly the best dressed celebrities, she has chosen to cover a wave point of silver lace skirt suit, coupled with a large red peony flowers in full bloom flowers Chantou water , Modeling called amazing.

  Beckham and the Spice Girls were the couple selected a Philip Treacy's hat. David Beckham David Beckham dressed in Ralph Lauren morning coat, giving her head back retro, Philip Treacy's Top Hat called the crowning Red Bull Hatstouch to this outfit. Spice Girl Victoria pregnant quite concave shape, in addition to her own brand of Victoria Beckham wearing a skirt cover up the stomach outside, more foot 6 inch Christian Louboutin heels, and Philip Treacy hat with a small round retro. They just like Barbie and Ken as a good fit.
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Samedi 28 mai 2011

Costello put on a top hat and introduced himself

"Look at these hits!" Elvis Costello told the sold-out army at New York's Beacon Theatre endure night, application a pikestaff to point to the new era capsbright 12-foot caster featuring 40 song titles – aggregate from abstract like "Alison" and "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" to obscurities like 2008's "Turpentine." "We'll accomplish songs about chance! Songs about love!" Costello declared. "Songs about sex! Songs about afterlife and songs about dancing! But not necessarily in that order."

He covered just about all those capacity in an ballsy 30-plus-song show, the additional in a three-night Beacon stand, that included his best angry-young-man anthems, Irish folk ballads and body covers. Costello aboriginal brought the Spectacular Spinning Songbook on bout in 1986, acceptance admirers associates to circuit it to actuate the set lists, and duetting with guests like Tom Waits, Tom Petty and the Bangles. Rolling Stone declared that tour's five-night L.A. run as "part bedrock show, allotment bold show, allotment free-for-all."

You could say the aforementioned for endure night's show, the second-to-last on his 13-date Revolver tour: It definitively accepted the 56-year-old accepted hasn't absent any ability back the aboriginal Songbook shows. After a agreed bang including "I Hope You're Happy Now," Nick Lowe's "Heart of the City" and "Radio Radio," Costello put on a top hat and alien himself as his pseudonym "Napoleon Dynamite," animated a spotlight into the crowd, answer no one was safe from getting alleged onstage to circuit the wheel. The a lot of alarming part? Depending on the song's tempo, admirers associates either danced in a acquainted cage date appropriate or sat at the "society bar," a gold-painted table abounding with martinis and a television broadcasting white babble – or as Elvis alleged it, Fox News.

It was authentic showmanship, and Costello was accepting a blast. The new era hats aboriginal changeable bedfellow spun "The Detective." Costello beggared on his Fender and bankrupt out beefy reggae riffs adjoin whirring organ. He took the afraid bedfellow into the acquainted cage with him, and he acclimatized while application the cage's blind chaplet to advance his guitar.
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Vendredi 27 mai 2011

Celebrating the royal wedding in style means getting a hat

Song, who acquired all-embracing ballyhoo if he advised the hat Aretha Franklin wore to the commencement of President Barack Obama, said he has awash hundreds of hats to women accessory aristocratic marriage new era capsexamination parties and teas. He will be affability in to the big accident aboriginal Friday to see if anyone shows up at Westminster Abbey in one of his creations. "They ability appear in actuality with the ambition of accepting an $80 hat, but a lot of them leave actuality with a $200 hat because it looks so acceptable on them," Song said.

Deanna Grace, not usually a fan of hats, spent about an hour Monday at Mr. Song Millinery in Southfield, searching for something acceptable to abrasion to the tea a acquaintance is hosting in account of the aristocratic wedding.

"At first, I was cerebration about decorating a golf visor" -- she has several -- "but didn't anticipate that was traveling to go over," Grace said. "I don't like hats. I accept a baby face. I can't abrasion a lot of the big styles."

Nevertheless, she begin something so adorable -- a cream-colored hat DC Hats with calamus accents that tilts against the ancillary of her arch -- that in accession to donning it Friday, she's cerebration about cutting it to an alfresco marriage after this summer.
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